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Comcast Fulfills 4MB Promise

I got an email telling me Comcast had upgraded my Internet Speed. I had to check it out (especially before writing about it here). These are my results, uncut:

Using cnet's Broadband Speed Test, I checked my Comcast Cable connection before recycling my modem to upgrade my speed. Here, my bandwidth measures at 1,610.7 kbps! (1.61 mbps). That's better than a full T-1 Connection right into my house!
Test taken @ 5:03:04pm Mountain Time, April 4, 2005

After recycling my modem like Comcast told me to, I retested. This is unbelievable!

My connection now registers at 4523.3 kbps! That's more than 4.5 megabits per second! That should download an entire MP3 in about 1 second! Unbelievable.
Test taken @ 5:14:44pm Mountain Time, April 4, 2005.

Bottom Line: Comcast is a sweet deal. Same price as DSL, 4x faster. Duh. If you're not using Comcast yet, I suggest you switch... now. That old DSL line of yours is leaking bandwidth!

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