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Comcast Wants Your Business, And They're Making It Sweet

Comcast is trying to make you an offer you can't refuse. And the more I read about it, I think they might be right.

For registering as a new customer, they're giving you a ton of free stuff, cash back in your hand, and other cool features. You can cut to the chase, or continue reading for more information.

If you sign up today (offer is expiring quickly), you will recieve:
  • $25.00 Cash Back.
  • $19.99 for the first six (6) months.
    (This one blew me away. It's not 1 month, or 3 months... it's half-of-the-year! That's about $120.00 or more in savings on this alone!)
  • A Free MP3 Player with 128MB Flash Memory Card included
  • Up to 4.0 MB speeds... up to twice the speed of DSL.
  • 14 Day Free Trial of Rhapsody--Get 760,000 songs at your fingertips.
  • $60.00 in rebates for any broadband equipment you choose to buy (or, just lease it for a few bucks a month).

And, this is all in addition to their normal features:

  • Scorching Speeds: Download speeds up to 70 times faster than 56K dial-up.
  • A Constant Connection: You're always on and constantly connected -- with no busy signals, no waiting, and no hassles.
  • Email Everywhere: Access your email from any computer, anywhere in the world.
  • Home Networking: Your whole family can surf the Internet through a single connection!
  • Online Storage: You get a total of 175MB of online storage
  • Free Firewall for One Year
  • Disney Connection
  • Streaming Music
  • Comcast Photo Center
  • Games Galore
  • No contracts

Hey, if you're going to get high speed Internet anyway, why not make a smart move and try Comcast for at least the next few months.


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