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Broadband Co. Blocks VoIP Usage

Internet Telephone provider Vonage says Canadian broadband Internet company, Clearwire, has blocked usage of their Broadband Phone application, claiming the voice-over-ip program is too "bandwidth hungry".

This may be a tough blow for the new industry, already taking shots at traditional phone services.

But wait, there's more...

Gigabyte March and Advanced Pipeline report that Clearwire is shortly announcing their own private VoIP service to their own customers, similar to such services being offered in the US by Comcast and other companies.

"While a company executive claimed the restrictions were necessary to ensure network performance reliability, Clearwire could not explain how that issue would be resolved when it offers its own VoIP services in the near future. Earlier this month, Clearwire signed an agreement with Bell Canada under which Bell Canada will provide VoIP systems and services for Clearwire, at a date and price yet to be announced. " (via Advanced Pipeline)

More precisely, Clearwire and Bell Canada have a $100 million investment into the company's VoIP future.

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