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From the Web: Dealing with technology in real life.

cnet reviews has several forums where people can comment on products. One of their forum members had this to say in a discussion thread called "Living It: Dealing with technology in real life ":

"Unless they've gotten some new tech recently, everything I've seen says that your theoretical high-end on a DSL line will forever be limited by how far you are from one of their routing centers. Cable's limited to however fast they're willing to let you go."

Of course, there are limits to how fast even a cable internet connection can allow you to go--and it is determined by that cable provider's network bandwidth and throughput.

Comcast for example is boasting up to 4.0MB, plus they really want your business. They're giving you $25.00 cash back, half-price for the first six months, a free MP3 Player, and a bunch more.


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