one million hotspots in four years...

It's looking more and more like wireless technologies will be the de-facto means of connecting to the internet in the future.


Multitask in Style With the New High Speed CU320

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 4 /PRNewswire/ -- Today LG Electronics MobileComm U.S.A. (LG Mobile Phones) and Cingular Wireless introduced the new CU320, available later this month. The CU320 is a great leap forward in mobile phone technology featuring faster downloads, richer content, and enhanced wireless internet, all in one stylish and sophisticated handset. With Cingular's new 3G high-speed network, the CU320 can take your mobile experience places you never thought possible. The addition of Bluetooth, 1.3 Megapixel rotating camera, video/audio streaming capability and a TransFlash memory card port, makes the CU320 the phone a must-have for the next generation of mobile technology enthusiasts.

Lack of high-speed Internet access proves costly to Ohio farmers

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Ohio farmers are complaining that they lack one major tool to help them stay competitive — high-speed or reliable dial-up Internet access.

Poor connections are "a major challenge to people who want to live in rural areas and still have some capabilities," said state Sen. Joy Padgett, a Republican from Coshocton. "Technology is no longer an option. It's an absolute necessity."

VoIP Phones...A Little Background To Help Choose How You Use VoIP

VoIP phones are the phones used with Voice over Internet Protocol technology. VoIP is the technology used to transmit audio as data or Packets over the Internet to either a computer user or to a landline telephone.

VoIP is increasing in popularity, as it is highly valued for its great quality, low cost, and incredible features. VoIP is gaining respect, as a viable solution for business needs as...

How a BlackBerry Works

Some people credit the BlackBerry with letting them get out of the office and spend time with friends and family, while others accuse them of allowing work to infiltrate every moment of free time. Learn about the 'push' technology at...


Work From Home

Sorry, if you were looking for information on a Work At Home Scam, this isn't it. But, if you run into the problem I have had before, you can use GoToMyPC to securely access your work computer from home--or anywhere--just using a web browser.

PC Magazine calls GoToMyPC "revolutionary" and The New York Times calls it "ingenious."

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* AFTER-HOURS ACCESS: Access and use your office desktop, email and other corporate resources after hours from any location connected to the Internet.

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Just forwarded to me:
>> This is the funniest blone-joke ever.


'Fat Man Walking'--wired on Route 66

Cell phone, laptop and iPod--when they work--help make Steve Vaught's cross-country trek to shed pounds easier to bear. Photos: En route for health

BlackBerry Top 50 Gadget of Past 50 Years

PCWorld.com has ranked the Blackberry #14 of the top gadgets of the past 50 years. They say, Canadian firm Research in Motion didn’t invent e-mail, wireless data networks, the handheld, or the QWERTY keyboard. But with the little BlackBerry, along with server software that made e-mail appear on it without any effort from the recipient, RIM put it all together in a way that even nontechie executives could appreciate–and thereby opened the eyes of corporate America to the potential of wireless communications. So addictive that some call them CrackBerries, RIM’s ubiquitous e-mail communicators–especially their high-res displays and small yet serviceable thumb keyboards–have forever changed the design aesthetic for personal digital assistants, while their approach to e-mail has become the standard by which all connected handhelds are measured. The Sony Walkman ranked first if you were wondering, you can read the entire list here …

Nokia launches E60 VOIP (SIP) Handset

SIP based VOIP, WiFi and Push technology. What more could you ask for in a mobile?

2006: The End of Traditional TV? - Broadcast dinosaurs still rule the earth

Place shifting, DVRs, IPTV, on-line broadband video; Terry Heaton thinks that 2006 is the year traditional broadcast television meets its maker (via GigaOM). 'I believe history will look back at 2006 as the year of an unbundled awakening in the media world, ushering in an era of creativity the likes of which we've not witnessed in recent history, especially in the advertising community.' Well, a man can dream, anyway.

Broadband in '06 - Net Neutrality will top discussion list

Should hotels have the right to block VoIP services over their broadband networks? Should Airlines? Should telcos be allowed to charge for quicker access to websites? Those are a few of the questions USAToday skims over in a piece exploring the broadband industry over the next several years. Odd, the article tags VoIP guru Jeff Pulver as the 'mischievous' founder of Free-World Dial-up.

Netflix wins round in online DVD-rental fight

Despite Blockbuster's costly offensive, so far Netflix is winning with more than four times the subscribers of its rival.

Wifi at your Airport?

Rex Hammock is accumulating a list of US airports with free wifi. We rarely hear about airports with no wifi, a vanishing breed. New Orleans is one of those...


NeXT Computer Dead-Enders Give Up

Once upon a time, NeXT computer was the toast of Silicon Valley. This year, the start-up founded by Steve Jobs as retribution for his early retirement at Apple, was finally abandoned by the faithful - the Bay Area NeXT Users Group. Jobs founded NeXT in 1985 with an out-of-pocket investment of $7M. In 1996, Apple bought NeXT for $400M and it became the bedrock of OSX.

Media Center: 'You're Hired'

Although most Media Center PCs pass their days at home in the living room or study, a few have begun taking office jobs.

The desktop and notebook PCs, which come with Microsoft Corp.'s Windows XP Media Center Edition's specialized user interface for handling multimedia and are operable via a remote control, were created with consumers in mind.

However, a small number of businesses have been purchasing the machines to handle multimedia in internal meetings or customer presentations, some PC makers say.

Corporations often spend extra to set up liven up front offices and meeting rooms, purchasing big-screen televisions, stylish computers and other technological accoutrements.

Thus, despite their consumer bent, companies using Media Center machines to help show videos or present other multimedia isn't much of a stretch, those companies said. [READ MORE...]

New Study Shows Rising Cell Phone Use While Driving

More Americans than ever are using cell phones while driving according to a study by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Driver cell phone use increased in 2005, with 6 percent of drivers on handheld phones in 2005 nationwide compared to 5 percent in 2004. This result is from the National Occupant Protection Use Survey...

Google Offers Cell Phone Version of Gmail Email

Today Google launched a portable version of its Gmail email service, providing users access to their Gmail accounts directly from their mobile devices. Through the free service, emails are automatically synchronized between cell phones and computer accounts, regardless where Gmail is accessed from. Providing optimal viewing window sizes by detectin…

First Look: Nokia 770 Internet Tablet

We had the pleasure of meeting some of the folks at Nokia who are in charge of Nokia 770 Internet Tablet development this week …

Sprint, Nextel Partners Settle on Price

Sprint Nextel today announced they will buy affiliate Nextel Partners for $9.2 billion in cash. Nextel Partners’ contract with Nextel allowed the affiliate to force a purchase by the …

Samsung VI-A820 (SPH-A820)

Released for Sprint, the Samsung VI-A820 (SPH-A820) delivers information through the sense of touch. With Tactile Vibration from VibeTonz the VI-A820 lets users feel who is calling for a more sensory experience. Supporting Ready Link technology, consumers can enjoy the convenience of walkie-talkie-style communication at the touch of a button. Through capabilities like SMS Voice and text messaging, the VI-A820 gives users the options they need to stay in touch.

Motorola V557 Review

Released for Cingular, the Motorola V557 is the first handset to include Motorola’s SCREEN3 - an innovative technology that enables consumers to get news, sports, entertainment, and other premium content and services directly from their mobile device home screen (no buttons to push, no browsers to launch). In addition, the V557 features a VGA camera, video record and playback, and advanced messaging. EDGE technology and Cingular’s consumer data services, such as Picture Messaging and Cingular Sounds, enhance the multimedia offerings and enable subscribers to share images and download MP3 ringtones with unprecedented speed.

MTV Invests in Amp’d Mobile

MTV Networks has agreed to become an investor in privately held Amp’d Mobile and will provide video clips and other content for a wireless service that Amp’d plans to kick off this week. The two companies will develop joint marketing and promotions across MTV Networks’ brands and screens. Additionally, MTV Networks will make an investment in Amp’d …

Blackberry Development Using NetBeans Mobility

With the RIM Blackberry JDE 4.1, you can now build Java ME applications for Blackberry devices using the NetBeans Mobility Pack 5.0. In this article, NetBeans Evangelist Matt Volpi gives you step-by-step instructions on how to get ...


RIM BlackBerry 7100i

Released for Sprint Nextel, the RIM BlackBerry 7100i is a sleek wireless device that manages to incorporate a large vibrant screen with a QWERTY-based keyboard on the BlackBerry platform. Including push-to-talk capabilities, consumers can communicate off-network in walkie-talkie fashion. Additionally, full-GPS allows turn-by-turn instructions. With excellent sound quality, dedicated Send and End phone keys, a numerical phone keypad with large keys, and speakerphone and Bluetooth support, the 7100i is a powerful business device.

Blackberry PDA Phone

"In pursuit for the latest and greatest on pda to cell phone cables? Well youve without doubt fallen on the right place because thats what were knowledgeable about. Of course, being a freshly built website we dont yet have a significant ..."

MusicStrands Does Music Search, Too.

If Google Music Search isn’t for you, check out MusicStrands, a young company that relaunched its site yesterday. The company is based in Corvallis, OR (where is that?) and Barcelona, Spain.

MusicStrands had results for every band I threw at it. Lots of stats, and links to buy music from amazon and iTunes. And it has excellent web 2.0 features as well, including social networking, recommendations and user tagging of music. They also have nice support options for small and indie bands, allowing them to get their music into the mix. Basically, MusicStrands is an excellent resource for finding new music.