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The Cable Modem HOW TO Guide

If you are a Linux user trying to configure your Cable Internet Modem and you would like some help getting it figured out, you should visit the Cable Modem HOW TO Guide, writted by Howard Shane.

The guide answers such questions/issues as:
  • I get kicked offline about once every 4 days, for no apparent reason.
  • I get the following messages on boot-up; are they errors?
  • Networking and Ethernet Support for Cable Modems
  • USB Interface Support
  • The Modem Device
  • The DHCP Client

And talks about Cable Modems such as:

  • Ambit modems
  • Broadcom Cable Modems
  • Ericson PipeRider Modems
  • Motorola SurfBoard Modems
  • RCA (Tompson) Modems
  • Terayon Modems
  • Toshiba PCX-XXXX Cable Modems
  • Webstar Modems


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