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What is My IP Address?

To get your home network going, or to play games over the Internet, you may need to find out what your public IP Address is. This is the unique location of you (or your firewall router) on the Internet. No two machines can have the same IP Address.

See your public IP address in the small window, below:

Thanks to dyndns.org for the link.

If you are running a server on your network, or you want a domain name (some are free) to point to your computer or network so you can remember a name instead of a confusing IP address, then go see the FAQ and tools at DNS Made Easy.

On the homepage, click to Resources/Help, then to Instructions, FAQ, or DDNS (Dynamic DNS) Clients. I have been running Dynamic DNS for 5 years now. For the last 2, I have been using DNS Made Easy. Their service is excellent!

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