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Broadband Optimizer: Increase your Mac OS X Connection Speed

From Enigmarelle:

Like most operating systems, Mac OS X doesn't come out of the box to take full advantage of a high-speed, broadband internet connection. Luckily, because of its Unix base, there's an easy fix for that. By making certain tweaks to your network settings, you may be able to almost double your download speeds.

Broadband Optimizer works by increasing the memory buffers used for TCP transfers, so that data comes in bigger chunks at at time - Man-sized broadband chunks, not modem-sized kiddie chunks.

Enjoy your newfound speed :) You may want to further tweak your settings for your particular connection by opening the file named BroadbandOptimizer inside the folder you just installed in any text editor (BBEdit, vi, or our own TideText work well. If you use TextEdit make sure you're saving the file in plain text mode, not RTF. If you're using another text editor, make sure you're saving with UNIX line endings.) Change the numbers above to a slightly lower amount (they're already set as high as is likely to make any improvement.) The OSX default is 32768, so that's the lower limit that makes any sense. Try 49152 to start with.

See more information, including FREE download & installation instructions, click here.

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